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Interactive Design Tools: Instrumentation Amplifiers : AD627 Common-Mode Range / Gain Calculator

An online tool to select a value for RG and determine the
maximum differential and common mode voltages allowable.

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Positive Supply  
Equivalent circuit
Differential Voltage

Common Mode Voltage

K ohms
Reference Voltage
Negative Supply  
Equivalent circuit shown


Enter data in the fields provided. If an input is out of range an alert will appear.

Click "Update" or tab to another field to see node voltages annotate the schematic on the right.

If the combination of inputs causes internal or external limits to be exceeded, the problem node value will be highlighted in red and an "Out of Range!" message will appear. When this message is present, all node values should be considered invalid.

Only one of "Gain" or "RG" can be specified - the other is computed automatically.

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For further troubleshooting information, please visit our Interactive Tools troubleshooting page.

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Related Information

A Practical Review of Common Mode and Instrumentation Amplifiers (pdf, 57,234 bytes)

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