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Interactive Design Tools: Amplifiers: SSM2167 Transfer Characteristic Tool
An online tool to compute and plot the transfer characteristic from RCOMP and RGATE.
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Compression Resistor  
KOhms   Compression Ratio (N:1)  
Gate Resistor (RGATE) Ohm   Noise Gate Level dBV


This tool calculates RCOMP and RGATE from the compression ratio and noise gate level, respectively. The effect on the SSM-2167 transfer function is graphed below. Conversely, the compression ratio and noise gate levels can be determined for a given RCOMP and RGATE.

To use:

  • Select the series of part you are using (SSM2167-1 or -2).
  • Select either the Compression Resistor (between 0-175), or the Compression Ratio (From 1 to 10).
  • Select either the Gate Resistor (between 0-5000), or the Noise Gate Level (-40 to -55).

The transfer characteristic for the selected resistors is shown in red, with a 1:1 linear characteristic shown for reference in green. The chart is log-log.

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No special issues are known to exist with this calculator at this time.

For further troubleshooting information, please visit our Interactive Tools troubleshooting page.

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Related Information

SSM2167 Product Page

AN583: Using the SSM2167 Evaluation Board (pdf, 84787 bytes)

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